Who Makes Panera Potato Chips? Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Crispy Snack



Who makes Panera potato chips? This is a question that has been on the minds of many snack lovers. The answer to this question may not be as straightforward as one would expect. However, delving into the history and background of Panera Bread might give us some insights.

Panera Bread is a popular bakery-cafe chain in the United States that offers a range of delicious baked goods and snacks such as sandwiches, salads, soups, bagels, pastries – just to name a few. While their menu items are well-known and loved by many customers across America, there has been much curiosity about who actually makes their famous potato chips.

In this article, we will explore all we can about Panera's potato chips – from their ingredients to how they're made and more importantly who makes them. We'll also get into some interesting facts about potatoes themselves which you may not have known before! So if you're eager to know more about "who makes Panera potato chips", read on!

Who Makes Panera Potato Chips?

If you're a fan of Panera Bread, you may have noticed their delicious potato chips. But have you ever wondered who makes them? In this article, we'll answer that question and provide some interesting facts about these chips.

What are Panera Potato Chips?

Panera's potato chips are thin and crispy with just the right amount of salt. They're made from simple ingredients like potatoes, vegetable oil, and sea salt. These chips come in individual bags or as a side dish with sandwiches or soups at Panera locations.

Who Makes Them?

Panera's potato chips are actually made by Snyder's-Lance Inc., a snack food company based in North Carolina. Snyder’s-Lance is known for producing high-quality snacks such as pretzels, popcorn, crackers and nuts.

Although Snyder’s-Lance makes the chips for Panara Bread Company LLC., they still use the original recipe created by the restaurant chain when it first started making its own brand of packaged foods in 2013.

How Are They Made?

The process of making these scrumptious snacks is quite straightforward; after being washed thoroughly to remove any dirt on them along with any chemicals used during growth pesticides etc..), potatoes go through an automated slicer often referred to as "mandoline". This machine slices each spud into thin almost transparent pieces readily absorbent to oils once fried.

Once sliced they’re washed again before being transferred into a fryer where they spend several minutes turning golden brown before getting lifted out onto paper towels which help drain off excess oil.

The last step involves adding salt whilst still warm so that it sticks better than if it were added cold since warm surfaces can easily absorb moisture compared to cold ones which tend not too . Once cooled completely ,the crisp golden disks get packed up nicely ready for distribution throughout all its retail outlets across US .


If you're looking for an alternative to Panera's potato chips, there are many other brands and varieties to choose from. Some popular options include Lay's Classic Potato Chips, Kettle Brand Sea Salt Potato Chips, and Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Sea Salt Potato Chips. However, each brand has its unique flavor profile and texture.

When compared with most of these alternatives the panera potato chips have a different taste altogether that makes them distinct from any other option in the market.


Potatoes are rich in vitamins C and B6 as well as potassium so eating these tasty snacks helps increase your daily intake of important nutrients. Additionally,the crisps contain very little saturated fat which is good news for anyone trying to maintain healthy cholesterol levels!


To enjoy Panera Bread Company LLC.'s delicious potato chips at home you could always buy a bag or two during your next visit at one of their outlets .
Alternatively ,you could order some online if they’re not readily available through local retailers near where you live.

Next time someone asks "who makes panera bread company LLC’s' yummy paprika seasoned crunchy treats?", now you know it’s Snyder-Lance Inc!


Who makes Panera Bread's potato chips?

Panera Bread is a chain of bakery-cafes and restaurants that offer freshly baked bread, sandwiches, salads, soups and other bakery items. One of the popular items on their menu is their kettle-cooked potato chips.

The company sources its potato chips from a third-party supplier called Shearer's Foods. Based in Ohio, Shearer's Foods provides snack foods for retailers across America. They have been producing snacks since 1974 and are known to be one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Shearer’s Foods supplies Panera with a variety of flavors including sea salt topped kettle cooked potatoes. These mouth-watering potato chips have become quite popular among customers who love them as complementary sides or just as an on-the-go snack item to munch on!

It should be noted that although Panera Bread does not produce its own brand of kettle-cooked potato chips they take pride in sourcing high quality products from reputable suppliers like Shearers which make it convenient for customers to enjoy great tasting food without having to worry about additives or preservatives.

Are all Panera locations provided with these delicious Potato Chips?

Yes! All locations nationwide include paneras famous kettle cooked Potato Chips as part of their diverse menu option offerings.

What Makes These Kettle Cooked Chips So Popular Among Customers?

Paneras Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are crispy thin slices made using skin-on red potatoes which adds flavor and texture unlike other brands that use regular russet potatoes making them tastier than ever before! The use of olive oil instead vegetable oil ensures there are no trans fats contributing towards healthier eating habits.

These factors along with being gluten-free & non-GMO certified help set paneras chip game apart from competitors adding more value for consumers seeking something both healthy & tasty!

Can Customers Purchase These Delicious Snacks Through Online Vendors?

At this time customers cannot purchase paneras potato chips directly through their online store but instead recommended to visit any of their many brick and mortar locations throughout the United States. Although not available online, Panera Bread does offer its customers an opportunity to purchase gift cards for both in-store and catering services.

Are There Any Nutritional Benefits To These Potato Chips?

Panera's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are made using only natural ingredients without artificial flavors or preservatives which make them a healthier alternative compared to other popular brands. They are gluten-free, contain no trans fats and are kosher certified.

Additionally, the Chips contain only 140 calories per serving making it an ideal snack option for people looking to enjoy something tasty while keeping within a calorie limit. The use of Olive Oil also adds healthy benefits such as better digestion along with weight loss potential due its monounsaturated fatty acid content known as MUFAs that help reduce belly fat!

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