Where to Stay in Jaco Costa Rica: A Guide to the Best Accommodations



Are you planning a visit to Jaco, Costa Rica but don't know where to stay? Look no further. In this article, we'll explore some of the best places to stay in Jaco that will ensure your trip is unforgettable.

Jaco is a beautiful beach town located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Known for its stunning beaches and lush tropical forests, it's a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But with so many accommodations to choose from, finding the right place can be overwhelming.

Whether you're looking for luxury resorts or budget-friendly hotels, there are plenty of options available in Jaco. So sit back, relax and let us guide you through some of our top picks for where to stay in Jaco during your next visit. Read on!

Where to Stay in Jaco Costa Rica: Exploring the Best Accommodation Options


Costa Rica is a popular travel destination owing to its natural beauty, beaches and tropical climate. Amongst the many places to visit, Jaco stands out as one of the most attractive beach towns in Costa Rica. Conveniently located just an hour away from San Jose, this stunning town offers visitors with thrilling water activities such as surfing, fishing and kayaking.

When it comes to accommodation options in Jaco Costa Rica, visitors are often spoiled for choice given that there are numerous hotels and resorts available. However, selecting where to stay can be quite challenging especially if you don't have enough information on each option.

In this article we will explore some of the top accommodation options available for those looking for where-to-stay-in-Jaco-Costa-Rica.

Best Hotels in Jaco

Hotel Pumilio

Hotel Pumilio boasts a tropical paradise ambiance that makes it ideal for couples who want privacy or tourists who love nature. This hotel comprises 10 luxurious rooms each equipped with air conditioning units and ceiling fans among other amenities.
The hotel's location is impeccable given that it's situated merely three minutes' walk from Herradura beach which gives guests easy access not only water sports but also shopping centers like auto Mercado supermarket plus Herradura plaza shopping center.

Club Del Mar Oceanfront Resort

Club Del Mar Oceanfront Resort lies at one end of Jacó Beach providing stunning views of both the ocean and mountains surrounding town.The resort offers 23 fully furnished condos complete with kitchenettes making them perfect choices families or groups travelling together.
Additional amenities include two swimming pools (one which caters specifically kids), spa services , ping pong tables plus bbq areas amongst much more.

Crocs Casino & Resort

Crocs Casino & Resort prides itself on offering customers top-notch service coupled with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. The resort boasts 152 spacious rooms with both sea and mountain views that are designed to cater for families, couples and groups of travelers alike.
On-site amenities include a spa, a fitness center, multiple restaurants serving cuisines from around the world in addition to an outdoor pool complete with a swim-up bar.

Best Hostels in Jaco

Room2Board Hostel and Surf School

Room2Board is one of the most popular hostels among backpackers who visit Jaco Costa Rica. This hostel offers shared dorms as well as private rooms equipped with air conditioning units making it perfect for budget-oriented travelers.
The hostel also provides opportunities to learn surfing plus yoga lessons while on stay thus providing an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in Costa Rican culture.


Selina is another fantastic option when looking for where-to-stay-in-Jaco-Costa-Rica especially if you're travelling alone or on limited budget.Dubbed by many travellers as one-stop-shop due its numerous amenities which includes co-working space,movie room,pool table amongst much more,the hostel offers both shared dorms and private suites that cater for every type of traveler's needs.Throughout the year Selina hosts concerts plus events featuring international artists so be sure check their schedule before booking your place.


Whether you're looking for luxurious hotels or cost-effective hostels ,Jaco has something offer everyone.The accommodation options discussed above are just but some examples visitors should consider exploring when figuring out where-to-stay-in-jaco-costa-rica.We hope this article has been informative enough regarding what differentiates each option allowing tourists make informed decisions prior visiting this tropical paradise town.


Where is Jaco, Costa Rica and why should I stay there?

Jaco is a beautiful coastal town in the central Pacific region of Costa Rica. It is located about 80 miles (130 km) from the San Jose International Airport. Jaco has been a popular destination for tourists for several years now because of its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and proximity to other attractions such as national parks and wildlife reserves.

If you're looking for an adventure-packed vacation or simply want to relax on white sandy beaches by the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean then Jaco would be your ideal place to stay in Costa Rica. The town offers everything you need including modern facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shops and much more at affordable prices.

What type of accommodation options are available when staying in Jaco?

Jaco has plenty of accommodation options that cater to all sorts of travelers – whether you're on a budget or looking for luxury during your trip. You can choose from hotels or resorts with beachfront views offering world-class amenities like spas and swimming pools.

You can also opt for private villas if you prefer self-catering holidays where privacy is paramount while enjoying personalized services that include housekeeping staff who will keep your villa clean every day while providing laundry service upon request. Renting apartments can be another excellent option if traveling with family members since they offer spacious living rooms ideal when unwinding after exploring this charming city.

How do I find affordable accommodations without compromising quality?

Finding affordable yet quality accommodations while visiting Jaco doesn't have to be difficult; with research beforehand we guarantee good deals! Many hotel booking websites offer great deals that allow visitors significant savings while enjoying fantastic amenities offered by top-rated establishments within their budgets.

Another trick could be booking early since many hotels tend to offer discounts on advanced bookings; besides searching online forums where previous guests share their experiences which could inform one's decision further regarding what type/quality of accommodation to expect.

What can I do while staying in Jaco, Costa Rica?

Jaco is an excellent place for tourists looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation. Some popular activities include surfing on some of the world's best waves at Playa Hermosa which is located only 10 minutes away from Jaco. You can also go hiking through the rainforest or zip line across treetops, horseback riding on the beach, or practicing yoga with ocean views.

If you're interested in learning about Costa Rican culture and history you could visit nearby attractions such as Manuel Antonio National Park which houses exotic animals like monkeys, sloths among others while offering stunning scenic trails that lead to beautiful beaches ideal for swimming too!

How far are other famous attractions from Jaco if I wanted to explore more during my stay?

Jaco's central location provides easy access to many other popular destinations within driving distance – making it an excellent base camp. For instance; you may want to visit Arenal Volcano (about 3 hours drive) known worldwide as one of earth's most active volcanoes and renowned hot springs resort area.

Another option would be heading south towards Corcovado National Park (approximately five-hour drive), where you will find some incredible wildlife that includes jaguars and even humpback whales! Whether one chooses a full-day tour package or simply driving around themselves upon renting cars available locally- there are plenty of options available when exploring beyond just what small-town charm has already been offered by this lovely city called Jaco!

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