Where to Find Rice Pokemon in Scarlet: A Definitive Guide



Are you a Pokemon fan looking for the elusive Rice Pokemon in Scarlet? Look no further as we have got you covered! In this article, we will guide you on where to find the Rice Pokemon in Scarlet.

Rice Pokemon is one of the rarest and most sought-after creatures among trainers. Its unique abilities make it an invaluable addition to any team. However, locating this rare creature can be quite challenging if you do not know where to look. That's why we have compiled a comprehensive guide that details all the places where Rice Pokemon can be found in Scarlet.

If you're itching to catch your very own Rice Pokemon or just curious about its whereabouts, then keep reading! Our detailed guide will give insights into finding this elusive creature and adding it to your collection.

Where to Get Rice Pokemon Scarlet?

If you are an avid gamer, chances are you have heard of Pokemon games. The popular game series has been around since 1996 and is still going strong. One of the latest additions to the franchise is Pokemon Scarlet, a fan-made hack featuring a new story, characters, and of course, new Pokemons.

One of the unique Pokemons in this game is Rice Pokemon – a cute creature that resembles a rice ball with arms and legs. Many players want to add it to their collection but don't know where to find it. If you're one such player looking for Rice Pokemon in Scarlet version, keep reading.

What Is Rice Pokemon?

Rice Pokemon or Comboypha as it's officially called is an exclusive addition introduced in Pokémon Scarlets' gameplay by its creator Drayano60 for players seeking more challenge during gameplay with different types available within each area- making them desirable because they tend not only be unique but powerful too!

Where Can You Find It?

The first thing any player needs when looking for a special Pokémon like Comboypha will be patience! scour every inch of each area until your searched pokemon appears before catching them– which can take time depending on how lucky or unlucky someone might be feeling!

Comboyphas can appear randomly throughout the whole world without being confined solely indoors so make sure if there's anything worth exploring outside catch em all mentality as they may never come back again after leaving another chance wasted away from viewing pleasure entirely vanishing into nothingness forevermore…

Below are some locations where Comoboypha could spawn:

Location Method
Route 119 – Weather Institute Grass/Walking
Petalburg Woods-Petilil Swarm Area Grass/Walking

Players should note that while these locations do show up frequently online at times due diligence should always take place since spawns (or lack thereof) maybe impacted by a variety of factors.

Tips for Catching Rice Pokemon

Once you find the Comboypha, catching it can be quite tricky. It's essential to have a well-trained team with you to increase your chances of success. Some tips that can help are:

Use False Swipe

False Swipe is an excellent move in Pokemon games as it hits the target without knocking out its health completely, which leaves them with only 1 HP – making them easier to catch.

Paralyze or Sleep Your Target

Another way to make catching Pokemons easy is by using status moves like Thunder Wave or Spore that paralyze or put your target asleep. Both these conditions make Pokemons more susceptible and less likely to break free from Pokeballs.

Use Ultra Balls

Ultra Balls are one of the best types of Pokeballs available in-game, specially designed for capturing rare and difficult-to-find creatures like Rice Pokemon. Make sure you stock up on these before going hunting!


So there you have it! If you want to add Rice Pokemon (Comboypha) to your Scarlet version collection, keep exploring different locations until they show up randomly! With patience and persistence along with methods such as False Swipes, Paralysis/Sleeping targets plus high-grade poke balls such as Ultraballs — any player should be able complete this challenging task successfully enough times even if luck wasn't on their side initially… happy hunting everyone 🙂


What is "Rice Pokemon Scarlet" and where can I find it?

Rice Pokemon Scarlet, also known as Pokémon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends, is a ROM hack of the original Pokémon Ruby game. It has a unique storyline and features new characters and Pokémon not found in the original game. The game was developed by Destinedjagold and was released in 2007.

If you are looking to play Rice Pokemon Scarlet, there are several ways to obtain it. You could try searching for ROMs online through various websites or forums that offer them for download. However, please be aware that downloading ROMs from unofficial sources may be illegal depending on your location.

Another option would be to purchase a physical copy of the game from second-hand sellers or collectors who may have obtained one previously. This may require some research into online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace where rare games can sometimes be found.

Can I play "Rice Pokemon Scarlet" on my phone?

Yes! There are many emulators available on mobile devices that allow players to run ROM hacks like Rice Pokemon Scarlet without needing a computer emulator. Some popular options include My Boy! (Android) and GBA4iOS (iOS). Keep in mind these apps aren't always available through official app stores so make sure you do your research before downloading any third-party software onto your phone.

To play Rice Pokemon Scarlet using an emulator on mobile devices:

  • Download an emulator app
  • Obtain Rice Pokemon scarlet rom file
  • Open the emulator app
  • Load up rice pokemon scarlet

Please note that playing games via emulation – particularly if they've been downloaded from unofficial sources – isn't completely legal everywhere so ensure you're following local laws if planning to emulate this way.

Is there anything different about "Rice Pokemon Scarlet"?

Yes! One significant difference between Rice's version of Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends compared with its non-hacked version is the inclusion of new characters and Pokémon as mentioned previously. In addition, players will find that the story has been altered slightly to provide a unique gameplay experience.

Rice Pokemon Scarlet also features custom sprites, maps and graphics which are different from those in the original game providing an entirely new visual experience for players.

Where can I find cheat codes for "Rice Pokemon Scarlet"?

A simple search engine query can yield multiple websites offering Rice Pokemon Scarlet cheat codes. However, we do not recommend using cheats as it may ruin your experience with this ROM hack.

If you're determined to use cheats anyway, you should be able to easily locate lists of them by searching online forums or gaming websites dedicated to cheats.

Please note that cheating in video games is generally frowned upon and could lead to your account being banned or even legal repercussions depending on where you live.

Is it safe to download "Rice Pokemon Scarlet" from unofficial sources?

We cannot guarantee the safety of any ROM files downloaded from unofficial sources since many sites offer downloads laced with malware which could harm your device and personal data such as passwords etc. It may be safer -although not guaranteed- downloading roms via torrent channels where active leechers/seeds are present who have tested out these files before sharing them online.

For maximum security when downloading Rice's version of Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends it would be best if you only download from trusted sources like official gaming communities or torrents whos integrity has been vouched for by other users online who've tried them already.

Alternatively, consider purchasing a physical copy (if available) instead since this method provides more certainty regarding its authenticity but again comes with its own set of risks related primarily around money transactions thus conduct thorough research beforehand

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