What Did Rico Tweet at Con’s Wife: Uncovering the Controversy



What did Rico tweet at Con's wife? This is a question that has been circulating around the internet for quite some time now. It's a mystery that many are eager to solve. Some have even gone as far as creating conspiracy theories and speculations about what could possibly be in that tweet.

The curiosity surrounding this topic is understandable, especially given Rico’s reputation for being unapologetically blunt and confrontational on social media platforms. One can only imagine what kind of message he would send to someone's spouse! However, without any concrete evidence or statement from either party involved, it remains nothing more than just speculation.

If you're one of those who are curious about this issue and want to learn more, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the controversy surrounding Rico’s tweet towards Con's wife – exploring its origins, possible motives behind it while also analyzing if there were any implications caused by this act. Read on to find out everything there is to know about 'what did Rico tweet at Con's wife'.

What Did Rico Tweet at Cons Wife: Everything You Need to Know

If you've been following the drama surrounding rapper Common and his girlfriend, Angela Rye, then you may have heard about a tweet that was sent by someone named Rico. The tweet in question was directed at Consuela, who is Common's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter. In this article, we will take a closer look at what happened and try to answer the question: What did Rico tweet at Cons wife?

Who Is Rico?

Before we can dive into the details of the tweet itself, it's important to understand who Rico is. Unfortunately, there isn't much information available on him aside from his Twitter handle (@RicoHinesBitch). Based on some online sleuthing by fans and followers of Common and Angela Rye, it appears that he may be associated with basketball coach Rico Hines.

The Tweet

On October 7th 2019 @RicoHinesBitch tweeted "God Bless" followed by 👑💜🖤💛🏀@AngelaRYe." Shortly after sending this message out into cyberspace he then turned around seconds later with another scathing message "@Common your Ex (Cons) wants her "fam" back…#NiggaSaidFoh."

The second part of this two-part message is what caused all of the controversy. Some interpreted it as a direct attack on both Consuela (Cons) and Common himself.


As one might expect from such an incendiary statement being made so publicly online – reactions were swift! Many people took umbrage with what they saw as blatant disrespect towards not only one woman but two! Others questioned why anyone would go out of their way to stir up trouble or cause problems where none seemed present before?

Of course there were also those folks who relished the drama and quickly took sides in the ensuing Twitter war. Some came to Consuela's defense while others defended Common.

What Happened Next?

As of this writing, it appears that Rico has deleted his Twitter account (or at least removed himself from public view). No one knows for sure what prompted him to make those tweets in the first place or if he will ever return with an explanation.

For now, all we are left with is speculation and conjecture. But one thing is clear: when it comes to social media drama – things can escalate quickly!


What is the background of Rico and Con?

Rico and Con are both popular gamers who have earned a substantial following on social media through their gaming content. They have been friends for many years, playing games together, creating content, and building an online community. Their fans often refer to them as "besties" or "brothers."

What was the tweet that Rico posted about Con's wife?

On May 22nd, 2021, Rico posted a tweet that caused outrage among his followers and the wider gaming community. The tweet read: "I just can't stop thinking about how hot @ConWife is." It was accompanied by a GIF of Homer Simpson drooling over food.

The post quickly went viral with thousands of comments from fans expressing their disappointment in Rico's behavior. Many criticized him for being disrespectful towards his friend's marriage.

How did Con react to Rico's tweet?

Con has not publicly commented on the incident as yet; however, he has since unfollowed Rico on all social media platforms sparking rumors that there may be tension between them.

Fans were quick to speculate whether or not this could put an end to their friendship which had been going strong for several years now.

Has there been any fallout from this controversy?

Yes! Since posting the controversial tweet about Con’s wife; various people tagged Twitch partner program asking if they would punish players such as rico who display inappropriate behaviour like his recent tweets.

Although it’s unclear what action will be taken by Twitch in response to calls from users asking for punishment but some other streamers have spoken out against him too including HasanAbi

Why did fans react so negatively towards rico's actions?

Gaming communities thrive because of mutual respect between creators/players. When someone crosses boundaries or violates basic norms around respect (such as sharing sexual comments), it undermines trust within these communities making people uncomfortable while interacting within these spaces again.

Rico's tweet was viewed as disrespectful, crass, and unwarranted by fans who expected better from him given his position of influence. Many were also concerned about the impact that the post might have on Con's marriage and personal life. It goes without saying that posting inappropriate comments about someone’s spouse is never acceptable under any circumstances

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