What Did Rico Bosco Do to Cons? Exploring the Truth



What did Rico Bosco do to Cons? This question has been on the mind of many people who have followed the Barstool Sports drama. However, answering this question is not as straightforward as it may seem.

Rico Bosco and Cons are two personalities in the sports industry who have created quite a buzz around themselves. They have been involved in numerous controversies that have left their fans wondering what is next for them. The latest one being about what Rico Bosco did to Cons.

The answer to this question can only be found by delving deep into their history and understanding their past interactions with each other. In this article, we will take a closer look at these two personalities, explore their backgrounds, and try to understand why there seems to be so much tension between them. So sit tight and read on for more information about "What did Rico Bosco do to Cons."

What Did Rico Bosco Do to Cons?

If you're a fan of Barstool Sports, then you must have heard the feud between Rico Bosco and Cons. The two Barstool employees were once friends, but things took a turn for the worse. In this article, we'll be discussing what exactly happened between them and how it all played out.

Who is Rico Bosco?

Before diving into what happened between him and Cons, let's talk about who Rico Bosco is. He's one of the most colourful personalities at Barstool Sports – known for his love for sports betting and his unique way of expressing himself. He joined the company in 2016 as a part-time contributor on their gambling podcast "Pick Central."

His popularity grew over time due to his fiery personality that resonated with many sports fans who loved his bold predictions and hot takes on various games.

Who is Cons?

Cons or Brandon Walker is another Barstool employee who was friends with Ricco before their falling out. Just like Ricoo Bosso he also represents gambling content at bar stool sport

What Happened Between Them?

It all started when they got into an argument over business deals involving advertising opportunities through their respective podcasts: "Pick Central" (Rico) and "Walk The Line" (Cons). As both shows are centred around sports betting, it was expected that they would collaborate frequently; however, things didn't go as planned when conflicts arose over revenue sharing.

The situation escalated quickly when both parties began taking shots at each other through various social media platforms such as Twitter where they accused each other of being greedy or unprofessional in dealing with money matters related to podcasting businesses .

As tensions continued to rise beyond repairable levels , Dave Portnoy had no choice but intervene by firing back against Ricos tweets while siding more so with cons

This led to an even more heated exchange between Rico Bosco and Dave Portnoy . It was a messy affair that resulted in both parties taking shots at each other in public.


The feud between Rico Bosco and Cons is one of the most memorable moments in Barstool Sports history. It's a reminder that friendships can turn sour over business disagreements, which is why it's always important to communicate effectively when money matters are involved.

While it remains uncertain if they will ever reconcile their differences, it's safe to say that their fans miss seeing them together on screen. As for now , both parties have gone separate ways and continue producing content independently.


What is the origin of the conflict between Rico Bosco and Cons?

The feud between Rico Bosco and Cons dates back to their time working together at Barstool Sports. According to various sources, the two had a falling out over money, with Rico accusing Cons of owing him a significant amount of cash. The exact details are unclear, but it appears that this financial dispute was just one component in a long-standing feud that has only escalated over time.

In recent years, both men have become prominent figures in the sports betting world. Rico has his own podcast called "Pick Central," where he offers betting advice and shares his opinions on various sports topics. Meanwhile, Cons is known for his work with "Barstool Bets" and as co-host of the popular podcast "Picks Central." Despite their shared interests in gambling and sports media, however, they remain bitter enemies.

What did Rico do specifically to antagonize Cons?

There have been several incidents involving both men that have contributed to their ongoing animosity towards each other. Perhaps one of the most notable occurred during an episode of Pick Central when Rico went on an extended rant about how much he despises Cons (using expletives throughout). He accused him multiple times for not paying what he owed resulting from some joint business ventures; something which was vehemently refuted by cons.

Rico also publicly criticized some picks made by cons while doing commentary during games broadcasted on Barstool's social media pages further fueling already existing grievances

Additionally there are rumors floating around suggesting that there may be more behind-the-scenes disagreements regarding pay or recognition contributing greatly towards widening rifts.

Has anyone tried to mediate or resolve things between them?

Over time several members within Barstools Sports Staff such as Dave Portnoy(Founder) & Dan Katz (Big Cat) among others attempted numerous times without success trying mediation efforts aimed at resolving differences between Rico and Cons. Their efforts have been unsuccessful, with both men refusing to back down or reconcile in any way.

How has their feud affected their careers?

The ongoing feud has undoubtedly affected the careers of both men. While they remain popular among certain segments of the sports betting community, it is clear that their public animosity towards each other has cost them opportunities and damaged relationships within Barstool Sports itself.

For example, rumors suggest that certain staff members at Barstool may feel obligated to choose sides – either supporting Rico or cons – which can create awkwardness and tension in the workplace. Additionally some accounts suggest that many sponsors are hesitant about associating themselves with content featuring either individuals , especially given how heated things on social media.

Is there any hope for a resolution?

While it's impossible to predict what may happen in the future, it seems unlikely that Rico Bosco and Cons will ever fully resolve their differences. Both men are known for being stubborn and opinionated; plus there's likely a lot bad blood between them.
Moreover It also doesn't seem like mediation attempts from colleagues/friends etc have achieved much success so far
However stranger things have happened before this long-standing dispute could very well be resolved one day if egos & tempers cool down over time .

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