Vegetarian Roasted Potatoes: Delicious Side Dish Ideas



Roasted potatoes are a classic dish that is loved by many, whether it's served as a side or as the main star of the meal. However, deciding what to serve with roasted potatoes can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for vegetarians who are looking for complementary dishes that will elevate their meal.

If you're in need of inspiration and new ideas on what to serve with roasted potatoes that's vegetarian-friendly, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore various options and combinations that will take your roasted potato game up a notch.

From simple salads to hearty stews and dips galore, we have plenty of delicious recipes featuring wholesome ingredients perfect for accompanying your crispy spuds. So if you're ready to expand your palate and add some variety to your meals while keeping them meat-free friendly – keep reading!

What to Serve with Roasted Potatoes Vegetarian: A Complete Guide

If you're looking for a hearty and satisfying vegetarian meal, roasted potatoes should definitely be on your list. Not only are they easy to make, but they're also incredibly versatile and can be paired with a range of delicious sides.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what to serve with roasted potatoes vegetarian so that you can create the perfect meal every time. We'll also provide some helpful tips on cooking the perfect roast potato dish!

Best Vegetarian Sides for Roasted Potatoes

  1. Grilled Vegetables – Grilled vegetables are an excellent complement to roasted potatoes as they add texture and flavor while keeping things healthy.

  2. Steamed Broccoli – Broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables out there! Steam some up alongside your roasties for an added vitamin boost.

  3. Sauteed Spinach – If you want something quick and easy, sautéed spinach is another great option that pairs perfectly well with roasted potatoes.

  4. Green Salad – A fresh green salad is always a winner when it comes to pairing it up alongside any main course dish including those crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside roasted potatoes!

  5. Creamy Coleslaw – For something creamy yet crunchy use coleslaw as your side dish option! Making it from scratch ensures freshness while controlling calories too!

Tips for Cooking Perfect Roast Potatoes:

  1. Always start by choosing good quality roasting spuds such as Maris Piper or King Edward varieties;

2.Gently simmer them in salt water before parboiling – doing so helps ensure even cooking throughout;

3.Preheat your oven before placing them in;

4.Add herbs like rosemary or thyme 20 minutes into baking time;

5.Tossing them around occasionally helps ensure evenly crispy exteriors.

  1. Serve hot for the best taste experience.


Roasted potatoes can be a wonderful comfort food that pairs well with a variety of vegetarian sides. From grilled vegetables to creamy coleslaw, there are many options available that will enhance your potato dish.

Just remember to select good quality spuds and take care when prepping them for roasting by simmering in salt water before parboiling. Adding herbs such as rosemary or thyme and tossing occasionally also helps ensure evenly crispy exteriors.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration on what to serve with roasted potatoes vegetarian!


What are some vegetarian dishes that pair well with roasted potatoes?

Roasted potatoes are a versatile side dish that can be paired with various vegetarian dishes. If you're looking for something simple, sautéed vegetables such as green beans, carrots or mushrooms complement the flavor of roasted potatoes well. You can also serve them alongside a salad like spinach and strawberry salad or arugula and fennel salad.

If you want to add more substance to your meal, try serving roasted potatoes with vegetable stir fry or grilled portobello mushrooms. For an Italian twist, make a Caprese salad using fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese drizzled in balsamic vinegar reduction.

Other options include sweet potato black bean tacos or creamy mushroom risotto – both of which are hearty meals that will satisfy even the hungriest of eaters. Overall, when it comes to pairing vegetarian dishes with roasted potatoes there's really no limit- get creative!

Can I make anything ahead of time if I'm planning on serving roasted potatoes as a side dish?

Yes! A great thing about making roasted potatoes is they can easily be made ahead of time without losing their crispiness. Once the roast is complete let them cool down completely before storing in an air-tight container until ready to serve later on.

If you're looking for other recipe ideas that can be made ahead then consider lentil soup (which taste better once they've had time for flavors to meld together), baked quinoa stuffed bell peppers (which freeze amazingly!)or vegan lasagna rolls.

Are there any dietary restrictions when it comes pairing sides with Roasted Potatoes?

When it comes pairing sides for Roasted Potatoes there aren't many dietary restrictions – but one important consideration is gluten intolerance since most grain-based side dishes contain gluten such as pasta salads and breads like focaccia.

However mashed cauliflower or zucchini noodles served cold either mixed together in bowl or in a chilled salad bowl can also serve as a great option for those who cannot consume gluten. Another allergen to consider is nuts since many people are allergic- this rules out nut-based salads like kale and Brussels sprouts.

Overall, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes that pair well with roasted potatoes regardless of dietary restrictions – just be sure to read the labels and double check ingredient lists if you have any concerns about potential allergens.

How do I best season my Roasted Potatoes?

Roasted potatoes can be seasoned in various ways depending on personal preferences. A classic choice is olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder (or fresh garlic cloves). However if you want to get creative try seasoning your roasted potatoes with rosemary spice along with lemon zest which really adds an extra pop of flavor!

If you desire more heat then try adding smoked paprika or chili flakes when roasting them giving them a slightly spicy kick! If you want something sweeter instead cinnamon sugar works well too. Overall it's all up to your taste buds preference so don't hesitate trying different spices!

Can I add other vegetables while roasting my potatoes?

Absolutely! Adding other vegetables like carrots, onions and bell peppers complement the flavor profile perfectly without losing their own unique tastes enhancing the appetizing aroma throughout your kitchen whilst cooking.

Just make sure all ingredients are cut into similar sized portions so everything cooks evenly together at same temperature & time; otherwise some may come out undercooked whilst others burnt😬

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