Upgrade Your Boxed Scalloped Potatoes: Tips for Making Them Better



Are you looking to elevate your boxed scalloped potatoes game? Do you find yourself bored with the same old flavor and want to know how to make them better? Look no further, because in this article, we will be discussing ways on how to take your boxed scalloped potatoes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Boxed scalloped potatoes have been a pantry staple for many households for years. It's quick and easy, but sometimes the flavor can fall flat. That's where our tips come in handy. We will explore different techniques that you can use to make boxed scalloped potatoes taste like they were homemade from scratch.

Whether it's adding some extra cheese or spicing things up with some herbs and seasonings, there are many ways that you can turn a basic box of scalloped potatoes into something deliciously memorable. So let’s dive right into it! Read on for our tips on how to make boxed scalloped potatoes better than ever before.

How to Make Boxed Scalloped Potatoes Better: Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of the plain, bland taste of boxed scalloped potatoes? Do you want to add some flavor and variety to this classic dish? Look no further! In this article, we will explore how to make boxed scalloped potatoes better with some simple tips and tricks.

Understanding Boxed Scalloped Potatoes

Boxed scalloped potatoes are a popular convenience food that can be found in most grocery stores. The product usually consists of dehydrated slices of potatoes mixed with a powdered sauce mix. All you need is water, milk, and butter to make the dish.

While boxed scalloped potatoes are convenient and budget-friendly, their taste can sometimes be lacking. They tend to have a uniform texture and lack the complexity of homemade dishes.

Adding Vegetables

One way to enhance the flavor profile of boxed scalloped potatoes is by adding vegetables such as onions or garlic. These ingredients not only add extra nutrients but also provide an extra layer of flavors that complements the creaminess.

To incorporate vegetables into your recipe, sauté them until they soften before mixing them in with your potato mixture. You may also opt for canned or frozen vegetables if fresh ones aren't available.

Incorporating Cheese

Another way you can elevate your standard box scallop potato recipe is by incorporating cheese into it – whether it's cheddar cheese on top or parmesan cheese inside they'll both turn out delicious!

Cheese provides additional richness as well as complexity that would otherwise go missing from just using milk alone. It's best practice when doing this technique though because if overdone then too much fat clumps together causing lumpy mashed spuds instead!

Choosing Your Seasonings

Most pre-packaged mixes come seasoned already; however, many people like having more control over what goes into their meals than leaving it up to manufacturers. You can consider adding your own spices and herbs to enhance the flavor of your scalloped potatoes.

Some classic seasonings that work well with scalloped potatoes include oregano, thyme, rosemary, paprika, black pepper or any other seasoning that compliments the cheese you choose.

Using Cream Instead Of Milk

If you want a more luxurious texture for your boxed scalloped potato dish try replacing milk with cream. Heavy cream will add richness but also make sure the sauce doesn't break apart if overcooked. This ingredient takes this dish from being just okay into something truly special!

Adding Protein

To turn this side dish into a complete meal option –adding some protein! Ham is an excellent choice as it works well in most potato dishes giving salty meaty goodness to every bite.

Simply dice ham and mix it evenly throughout your recipe before baking in oven; sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top towards end of cooking time for added flavour if desired!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are so many ways to elevate boxed scallop potatoes beyond their basic taste. By incorporating vegetables or seasonings such as garlic powder or oregano leaves; using heavy instead of regular milk (or even adding cream), choosing different cheeses like cheddar or parmesan will all go far when trying improve basic meals like these.

So next time you're making boxed sliced spuds grab some extra ingredients out there too see how much better they can be made by following our tried-and-true tips above!


What are boxed scalloped potatoes and how do you make them?

Boxed scalloped potatoes are a convenient side dish that is made from dehydrated sliced potatoes. The box contains a mix of dried potato slices and various seasonings, such as cheese sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. To prepare the dish, you simply add the dried ingredients to boiling water or milk in a pot on the stove top or bake it in an oven.

To make boxed scalloped potatoes better, consider adding extra ingredients like shredded cheese or chopped bacon to give it more flavor depth. You can also use cream instead of milk for richer flavor.

Can I use fresh sliced potatoes instead of using boxed ones?

Yes! You can easily substitute fresh sliced potatoes for the dehydrated ones found in boxes. Simply slice 2-3 large peeled russet (or yukon gold) into thin rounds with mandolin slicer or sharp knife to ensure even thickness throughout all slices.

Next create your own creamy cheesy sauce by whisking together 2 cups heavy cream with salt , pepper ,and paprika . Add half cup grated cheddar cheese along with sliced onions into this mixture . Once cooked add your thickly layered cut potato pieces into this pan & cook until tender.

By making it from scratch not only will you have control over what goes inside but also ensures maximum freshness & flavour!

How can I improve my presentation when serving boxed scalloped potatoes?

One way to enhance your presentation is by baking them directly inside small individual portions ramekins rather than one big casserole dish that everyone has to serve themselves from!

Once cooked through sprinkle some chopped parsley over each ramekin before serving – This adds color contrast against white creamy texture underneath giving off visually stunning appeal especially if served alongside other dishes at dinner table

Finally try layering different colored vegetables between layers like spinach leaves shreded carrots or roasted red peppers for extra visual interest!

Can I add other ingredients to boxed scalloped potatoes to improve the flavor?

Absolutely! There are many different ways you can personalize your boxed scalloped potatoes with additional ingredients. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add cooked ham, bacon bits, or crumbled sausage
  • Mix in sautéed mushrooms or onions for added depth
  • Add chopped fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary, parsley and chives
  • Top with breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan cheese

Adding any of these items will give your dish more personality and help turn it into a unique side that everyone will love.

How long can I keep leftover boxed scalloped potatoes in the fridge?

Leftover boxed scalloped potatoes should be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated promptly after cooking. They should last up to 4 days if properly stored. When reheating leftover potato casserole make sure it is steaming hot throughout before serving as this ensures all heat-sensitive bacteria have been eliminated from leftovers making them safe & healthy!

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