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What to eat with potatoes as a side? A question that has puzzled many cooks and food enthusiasts alike. Potatoes are a staple in many households, and while they can be enjoyed on their own, they also make for a great side dish. But what exactly should you serve with potatoes?

There are countless options to choose from when it comes to pairing potatoes with other foods. From vegetables like green beans or broccoli, to meats like chicken or beef, the possibilities are endless. However, it comes down to finding the perfect match that will complement the flavor of your dish.

If you're looking for some inspiration on what dishes go well as a side with potatoes, then keep reading! In this article we'll explore some of the best foods that pair perfectly with this versatile ingredient. So whether you're planning your next family dinner or hosting a party – we've got you covered!

What to Eat with Potatoes as a Side

Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods that can be cooked in many ways. They can be baked, boiled, fried or roasted and served as a side dish for any meal. However, deciding what to eat with potatoes as a side can be quite challenging. Here are some ideas on what to serve with potatoes.


If you're looking for protein-rich meals that will go well with your potato sides, consider serving meat dishes like grilled chicken or steak. Meat dishes pair perfectly well because they provide the perfect balance of nutrients needed by your body.

Grilled chicken is an excellent option because it's light and pairs nicely with mashed or baked potatoes seasoned just right. If you prefer beef over chicken, steaks such as ribeye and sirloin make great choices too! The softness of these steaks complements mashed potatoes' creaminess while adding layers of flavor to the meal.


Adding vegetables is an excellent way to add more nutrients and flavor into your potato side dish recipes that aren't too heavy on fat or calories. Roasted veggies such as broccolini make a great accompaniment alongside roasted garlic baby reds!

You could also try sauteed mushrooms which offer earthy flavors; this makes them perfect when paired up against crispy fingerling potato slices drizzled in olive oil seasoning mixtures! When preparing vegetable dishes alongside homemade fries, ensure they complement each other's flavors while adding extra color onto your plate!


Suppose you want something lighter than meat but still filling enough not just chips n salsa? Salads would work perfectly well! You could opt for leafy greens if you want something refreshing like arugula salad topped off by thin sliced radishes tossed in vinaigrette dressing beside crispy hash browns – Yum!

Another salad idea would be taco salads featuring diced tomatoes, lettuce, and other veggies with cheddar cheese paired up against crispy fries. You could also try oven-roasted baby potatoes served with a simple green salad of mixed greens drizzled in raspberry vinaigrette dressing for something different!


The soup is the perfect dish to serve as a side because it's filling without being too heavy on calories. Soups pair well with potatoes because they offer warm flavors that are comforting during cold nights.

A creamy potato soup or vegetable broth containing diced carrots and celery is an excellent choice when paired alongside baked sweet potatoes or oven-baked wedges! If you're feeling fancy, consider trying some gourmet-style soups such as roasted pumpkin bisque or cream-based seafood chowder!


Bread complements most meals; thus, it would make an ideal side dish when preparing potato dishes. Different types of bread go well depending on how your potato sides are prepared.

If your meal features fried chicken strips alongside french fries seasoned lightly in spices like cumin & coriander seeds powder buttermilk biscuits would be great! Plus buttered rolls always work magic if you want something quick to prepare at home after long days at work.


In conclusion, there are many options to choose from when deciding what to eat with potatoes as a side dish! Whether you prefer meat-based dishes like grilled steak or lighter alternatives such as salads and soups – there’s so much variety available today that cater appropriately for all kinds of tastes & preferences.

When choosing which foods go best together though try pairing up complementary textures/flavors following cooking methods used while keeping portion sizes reasonable; so everyone can enjoy their favorite choices without overindulging too much into unhealthy habits – Good Luck!


What are some classic dishes that can be served with potatoes as a side?

Potatoes are versatile and pair well with many different types of cuisine and flavors. Classic dishes like roasted chicken, grilled steak, or baked fish all complement potatoes perfectly. If you're looking for something more traditional, mashed or boiled potatoes alongside meatloaf is an excellent option. Additionally, you could try serving potato salad on the side of barbeque ribs or other smoked meats to add some creaminess and tang to your meal.

Another great option for serving with potatoes as a side is anything spicy – like jerk chicken or chili con carne – the mild sweetness of the potato will balance out any heat in these dishes while also adding texture.

For vegetarians, roasted vegetables such as carrots and green beans also work well alongside crispy roast potatoes. And if you're feeling indulgent why not serve up some cheesy garlic bread on the side too? The possibilities really are endless!

Can I use sweet potatoes instead of regular ones?

Yes! Sweet Potatoes make an excellent replacement for regular white Idaho Potatoes when it comes to sides because they share many similar characteristics such as their high starch content which makes them perfect for roasting or mashing up into creamy delights.

Sweet Potato fries offer a healthier alternative yet still give crispy goodness without sacrificing flavor. They provide more nutrients such as vitamin A but have less carbohydrates than white Idaho Potatoes making them ideal if you’re watching your carb intake levels.

If using sweet potato in place of normal potato bear in mind that its sweetness may affect how savoury food tastes so consider this when pairing it with other ingredients!

Are there any vegan-friendly options available when serving up spuds?

Potato-based recipes like hash browns can easily be made vegan by swapping butter out for plant-based alternatives (such margarine). Another great option is to top baked sweet/regular spuds off soured cream by utilising a plant-based yogurt instead.

Vegan-friendly options such as roasted potatoes or potato wedges can be enjoyed with vegan dips like hummus or guacamole to add some extra flavor.

You could also try serving potatoes alongside other vegan main-course dishes, such as stir fried vegetables or lentil soup. These meals are hearty and filling, making them perfect for pairing with a simple side of roasted spuds.

Are there any health benefits in consuming potatoes?

Yes! Potatoes contain various vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining good health. They're an excellent source of dietary fiber which aids in digestion and helps prevent constipation. The potassium content helps regulate blood pressure levels by counteracting the effects of sodium in your diet while other nutrients like vitamin C help boost your immune system to keep you healthy.

Furthermore, the high starch content found within spuds offers slow-release energy keeping you feeling full for longer periods which is great if you’re trying to lose weight!

Bear in mind that how they’re prepared will affect their nutritional value so try steaming rather than frying/roasting to retain these health benefits when possible!

Any thoughts on using boiled new potatoes?

New Potatoes make a great base alternative when compared with regular Idaho ones due their size – it allows them soak up more seasoning giving them plenty flavour without overpowering dishes they accompany .

Boiled new pots offer creaminess but still have enough firmness left over after cooking so work well alongside lighter mains like fish fillets especially those baked/steamed varieties- salmon being particularly popular! Alternatively boil up sliced baby-leeks along with new pots then drizzle over olive oil/salt & pepper- this makes an excellent accompaniment dish by itself without having rely on any particular accompanying main course dish!.

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