How Many Calories in a Rice Krispie Treat: A Complete Guide



Are you curious about how many calories are in a Rice Krispie treat? You're not alone. With so many people counting their calories these days, it's no wonder that this question comes up often.

You may be surprised to learn that the number of calories in a Rice Krispie treat can vary widely depending on the recipe and serving size. Some recipes call for extra butter or sugar, which can significantly increase the calorie count.

But don't worry, we'll dive into all the different factors that affect calorie count when making Rice Krispie treats. We'll also explore some tasty alternative ingredients to make your treats healthier but still delicious! So if you're ready to learn more about this beloved snack, read on!

How Many Calories Are in a Rice Krispie Treat?


Rice Krispie Treats, also known as Rice Krispies Squares, are a popular snack that has been enjoyed by many for generations. They are made from crispy rice cereal mixed with marshmallows and butter to create a chewy and delicious treat. However, if you're watching your weight or trying to maintain a healthy diet, you may be wondering how many calories are in each serving of this tasty snack.

The Caloric Value of Rice Krispie Treats

The number of calories in any food item depends on the amount consumed. A typical homemade Rice Krispie treat is about 2 inches square and contains around 90-100 calories. However, the calorie count varies depending on the size of the squares and can range anywhere from 40 to over 200 calories per serving.

When it comes to store-bought versions such as Kellogg's brand or other generic brands sold at grocery stores or gas stations across America (or any other country), they come in different sizes which means their caloric values will also differ.

For example:

Brand Serving Size Calories
Kellogg's Original 22g /1 bar (0.78 oz) 90
Kellogg's Chocolate Chipper 24g /1 bar (0.85 oz) 100
Great Value Crispy Marshmallow Bars One Bar (24 g/0 .84 oz) ≈80

As shown above – one standard-sized store-bought bar usually contains between approximately70-110 kcalories give or take due to variations mentioned before.

Therefore it is important always check nutrition labels when buying different brands because calorie counts can vary significantly!

Comparisons with Other Snacks

So how does the calorie count of Rice Krispie Treats compare to other popular snacks?

Here is a comparison table:

Snack Serving Size Calories
Rice Krispie Treats (homemade) 1 square (2 inch) ≈100
M&M's Chocolate Candy 1 small pack (1.69 oz) ≈220
Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips 11 chips (~28g /1oz) ≈150
Ritz Crackers 5 crackers (~16g/.56oz)                                                                                                                 ~70

As shown above, Rice Krispie treats are a lower-calorie option compared to other popular snack foods such as M&Ms and Doritos. Even Ritz crackers have more calories in their serving size than a homemade rice krispies treat.

Tips for Making Low-Calorie Rice Krispie Treats

If you're trying to watch your caloric intake but still want to enjoy this delicious snack, there are ways you can make low-calorie versions at home.

Here are some tips:

  • Use sugar-free marshmallows instead of regular marshmallows.
  • Replace butter with low-fat margarine or coconut oil.
  • Add natural sweetness with honey or agave syrup instead of sugar.
  • Use whole-grain rice cereal for added fiber and nutrients.

By following these tips, you can create a healthier version while still satisfying your sweet tooth!


In conclusion, the number of calories in one serving of Rice Krispie treats varies depending on the size but it usually falls between approximately 70 -110 kcalories per bar when store-bought and around 90-100 calories if homemade. The calorie count of Rice Krispie Treats is relatively low compared to other popular snack foods, making it a healthier option for those watching their weight.

Remember to always check the nutrition labels when buying different brands as they can differ significantly in caloric value. There are also ways to make lower-calorie versions at home by using sugar-free marshmallows, low-fat margarine or coconut oil and whole-grain rice cereal.


What is a rice krispie treat?

A rice krispie treat, also known as a Rice Krispies square or crispy cake, is a dessert made from Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal mixed with marshmallows and butter. The mixture is then pressed into a pan and left to cool before being cut into squares or bars.

How many calories are in a traditional rice krispie treat?

The number of calories in a traditional rice krispie treat can vary depending on the size of the bar that you are eating. However, on average, one small homemade Rice Krispies square (approximately 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches) contains around 82-90 calories per serving.

If you buy commercially produced treats like Kellogg's brand pre-packaged snacks which weigh approximately .78 oz each contain about 80-90 calories per piece.

However larger homemade treats will contain more calores and sugar so it's important to portion control if watching calorie intake

Is there any nutritional value in rice krispie treats?

Rice Krispies themselves don't offer much nutritional value but when they combine with marshmallow & butter it becomes an indulgent sweet snack low on nutrition but high in taste!

That being said they do contain some fiber due to the whole grain used & carbohydrates for energy however beyond that not much else nutritionally beneficial about this snack! If you're looking for something sweet consider making your version at home using healthier ingrediants such as honey instead of sugar!

Are there any lower-calorie alternatives to traditional rice krispy treats?

There are several alternatives out there that may be better options if you're looking for something lower-calorie than traditional Rice Krispy Treats!

You could try making them with less butter or margarine than most recipes call for – this will reduce their calorie count without losing too much flavor or texture.

Another option is to try using a sugar substitute like stevia or xylitol in place of granulated sugar. This will reduce the calorie count even further and give you a sweet treat that is still enjoyable.

Can rice krispie treats be part of a healthy diet?

Rice Krispies treats are not exactly considered as being part of a healthy diet due to their high sugar content. However, if you consume them in moderation, they can be enjoyed as an occasional treat, particularly if you're fond of sweet snacks.

It's important to remember that these bars contain empty calories with little nutritional value so should always be consumed in moderation! If you're looking for healthier alternatives consider making your own version at home with healthier ingrediants like coconut oil instead of butter!

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