Djon Djon Rice Recipe: How to Make this Haitian Delicacy in Easy Steps



If you're a fan of Caribbean cuisine, then you've probably heard of djon djon rice. This dish is widely enjoyed in Haiti and features long-grain rice cooked with Haitian black mushrooms called "djon djon." The mushroom gives the dish its signature dark color and unique flavor that's hard to forget.

Now, if you're wondering how to make this flavorful dish at home, then look no further! In this article, we'll go over all the essential steps needed to create an authentic and delicious plate of djon djon rice. From finding the right ingredients to cooking techniques that will bring out all those tasty flavors- we'll cover it all.

So whether you want to impress your friends with your newfound culinary skills or simply want a taste of Haiti in your own kitchen- read on for our complete guide on how to make perfect djon djon rice every time.

How to Make Djon Djon Rice

If you are a food enthusiast, then you may have heard of djon djon rice. It is a popular Haitian dish made with black mushrooms and rice. This unique dish has gained popularity in many countries due to its rich flavor and taste.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of making delicious djon djon rice at home. We will cover everything from the ingredients required to some tips that can help enhance the flavors.

What are Djon Djon Mushrooms?

Before we dive into how to make this delectable dish let's first understand what exactly is a "djon-djom" mushroom. These mushrooms commonly grow in Haiti and feature very dark hues almost borderline black or charcoal color when dried out completely giving an earthy aroma.

These mushrooms have been used for centuries by Haitians as it was believed that these shrooms held magical powers by their ancestors who passed these traditions down through generations upon generations until modern-day times when it became more mainstream in different cultures around the world.

Ingredients Required

To make delicious djoj djoj rice at home, here are some ingredients you would need:

  • 2 cups of long-grain white rice
  • 1 cup of fresh or dried black mushrooms (dried ones must be soaked overnight)
  • 4 cups water
  • Salt
  • Garlic powder
  • Black pepper


  1. Rinse two cups of white long-grain rices several times till clean.
  2. In another pot sauté one minced garlic clove with salt for about five minutes on medium heat.
  3. Add your presoaked "Djom Djom" Mushrooms along with four cups water into another pot; bring it up to boil for ten minutes (you can add chicken bouillon cubes if desired).
  4. Remove the mushroom stock from heat strain out all the mushrooms and keep the mushroom stock separate from the mushrooms.
  5. Add enough water to make up 3 cups of liquid, then pour into a pot along with your already rinsed white rice.
  6. Bring it all to boil till all the remaining liquid is evaporated (approximately 20-25 minutes).
  7. In another frying pan add some oil, heat it over medium-high heat.
  8. Add minced garlic clove followed by salt, black pepper you may also opt for scallions instead of garlic.
  9. Once aroma begins to emit after about a minute or two remove from heat and mix in with your cooked rice.

Your djon djon rice is now ready! You can serve it hot and enjoy this delicious Haitian dish.


Here are some tips that can help enhance flavors while making Djon Djon Rice:

  • Soak dried black mushrooms overnight before cooking
  • Use scallions instead of garlic for milder flavor
  • Serve with grilled chicken or fish


Djoj djoj rice might look like any other ordinary recipe but its unique flavors make it stand out among many cultures worldwide. Now that you have learned how to prepare this interesting Haitian cuisine at home using our guide along with these simple tips as well as ingredients list just remember "sharing is caring".

We hope we were able to provide valuable insights on preparing djoj-djoj rice at home. Happy Cooking!


What is Djon Djon Rice?

Djon Djon rice is a traditional Haitian dish that gets its unique color and flavor from the black mushroom known as djon djon. This type of mushroom has a distinctive earthy taste and aroma, which adds depth to the rice dish. The mushrooms are dried in the sun, which enhances their flavor. When cooked with rice, it creates an amazing savory taste.

To prepare this dish at home, you will need to source some dried djon djon mushrooms. These can be found online or at specialty food stores that carry exotic ingredients like African or Caribbean spices.

How do I make Dried Mushrooms for Djan Djan Rice?

To make dried mushrooms for your Djond jon rice recipe follow these steps:

  1. Clean your fresh mushrooms by wiping them with a damp cloth.
  2. Cut off any discolored parts of the mushroom caps.
  3. Place your cleaned and sliced mushrooms on baking sheets lined with parchment paper.
  4. Set oven temperature between 120°F – 150°F (49°C-66°C)
  5. Place baking sheets in oven without preheating it
  6. Leave drying until they become dry but not brittle (this can take up to several hours).
    7 Store in an air-tight container until ready for use.

Do not wash fresh musrhrooms under running water! They absorb too much moisture which makes them spoil faster when being stored

What are some tips for making delicious Djond Jon Rice?

Making delicious djond jon rice requires more than just adding water and cooking it like regular white or brown rice. Here are some tips you should keep in mind while preparing this traditional Haitian delicacy:

1- Soak Your Rice: Before cooking any type of long-grain white rice including Basmati; soak it overnight if possible—rinse several times before soaking (soak time depends on preference)
2- Toast Your Rice: Toast your rice before cooking it, this will add a nutty flavor that complements the mushrooms.
3- Use Good-Quality Rice: Basmati rice is usually preferred for making djon-djon recipes because of its perfect fluffy texture and nutty taste.
4- Add Some Herbs: To enhance the dish's overall flavor, use fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary.
5) Simmer for Long Enough Time : Djond jon rice requires a longer cooking time (up to 1 hour), but do not let it overcook.

How long does Djon Djon Rice last in the refrigerator?

Djond jon rice can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to four days. When reheating, sprinkle some water on top and reheat covered to avoid drying out.

However, due to the presence of mushrooms that are prone to spoilage if kept too long -it is recommended consuming within two days after preparation.

What other dishes can I make with dried djojn jon mushrooms?

Apart from djond jon rice which is traditionally made using this type of mushroom as its main ingredient; these dried mushrooms are also used widely across Caribbean cuisine. For example:

  1. Mushroom broth
  2. Mushroom sauce/stew/curry
  3. Soups like Haitian pumpkin soup bouyon-tèt ou aranso

You can also experiment by adding them into pizzas or stir-fries!

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