Boiling Potatoes in Microwave: A Quick and Easy Method



Can you boil potatoes in the microwave? This is a question that has been asked by many people who are looking for ways to cook their potatoes faster and more conveniently. Potatoes are a staple food in many households around the world, and boiling them is one of the most common cooking methods. But can you really use a microwave to boil your potatoes?

There are different opinions on whether or not boiling potatoes in the microwave is an effective method of cooking them. Some people claim that it's possible to get perfectly cooked, fluffy potatoes using this method, while others argue that it's not worth trying because the results will be disappointing. In this article, we'll take a closer look at whether or not you can boil potatoes in the microwave, and what factors might affect how well they turn out.

If you're curious about whether or not microwaving your spuds is a good idea or just want to learn more about potato preparation techniques, then keep reading! We'll explore everything you need to know about boiling potatoes in the microwave – from how long they take to cook all way down exactly what kind of results you can expect.

Can You Boil Potatoes in Microwave?

Potatoes are a nutritious and versatile food that can be cooked in many ways, including boiling. However, some people wonder if it's possible to boil potatoes in the microwave. The answer is yes, you can boil potatoes in the microwave! In this article, we will discuss how to do it properly and provide some tips for achieving great results.

Benefits of Boiling Potatoes

Boiling is one of the most popular methods for cooking potatoes because it's simple and easy. All you need is a pot of boiling water and your potatoes! When boiled correctly, potatoes can retain more nutrients than other cooking methods like frying or roasting.

Furthermore, boiling makes them softer which makes them easier on your digestion system as they become easier to break down making digestion process quicker.

How to Boil Potatoes in Microwave

Boiling potatoes using a microwave may sound strange at first but when done right it gives good results. Here are steps required:

  1. First step involves washing your desired amount of potato(es) thoroughly with clean running water.
  2. After cleaning cut into small cubes or any shapes preferred.
  3. Place them into an appropriate microwavable bowl/container
  4. Pour enough water over the chopped pieces such that they're covered completely submerged under water.
  5. Add salt (if preferred)
  6. Cover container/bowl with either plastic wrap/cling film/plate with few holes punched through so steam escapes.
    7). Place container/bowl inside microwave oven
    8). Turn on your micro wave oven by setting time period for 10-12 minutes (depending on how much power/capacity does ur Microwave have).
    9). Once done remove from oven carefully using mitts/gloves as contents will be hot!
    10). Strain out any excess liquid/water left over before serving – serve while still hot!

Note: Remember not all microwaves operate the same way and may vary in power/capacity – adjust cooking times accordingly.

Tips for Boiling Potatoes in Microwave

  1. Cutting potatoes into smaller pieces not only reduces boiling time but also helps ensure they cook evenly.
  2. Covering the bowl/container with plastic wrap or a plate with holes punched through allows steam to escape, preventing pressure build-up which could cause an explosion.
  3. Always use appropriate mitts/gloves when handling containers/bowls from inside microwave oven after being heated.
  4. Start by boiling small portions of potatoes before moving on to larger amounts so you can gauge how long it takes to boil them without overcooking or undercooking them.
    5). Stirring halfway through cooking ensures that all sides are cooked evenly.


In conclusion, boiling potatoes in microwave is possible and easy as long as you follow simple steps mentioned above properly. It's a great method for those who want to save time and still enjoy delicious boiled potatoes while retaining most nutrients found within this vegetable!

Therefore, don't hesitate give it try at home today! Enjoy your perfectly boiled microwaved potato dish!


Can you boil potatoes in the microwave?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to boil potatoes in the microwave. Microwaving is a quick and convenient way of cooking food with minimal effort and less energy consumption. Potatoes can be boiled in the microwave on their own or as part of a recipe that requires boiled potatoes.

To do this, thoroughly wash your potatoes under cold running water and then pierce them with a fork or knife all over to create tiny holes for steam to escape from while they cook. Wrap them loosely with damp paper towels or cover them with a lid or plastic wrap so they don't dry out during cooking. Place them inside your microwave-safe dish and add enough water to cover about an inch above the surface of your spuds.

Microwave on high heat for around 8-10 minutes depending on how many pieces you're boiling, stirring every few minutes until fork-tender (when pierced easily without resistance). Let cool slightly before draining off excess liquid – there may not be any if you added just enough water earlier!

Are there any risks involved when boiling potatoes in the microwave?

As long as proper safety measures are followed such as piercing holes into each potato piece before microwaving, using only microwavable safe dishes along with appropriate covering methods like damp paper towels, plastic wraps etc., there should not be any significant risks associated when boiling potatos using this method.

However one must take care while removing hot dishes from inside – use oven mitts/gloves/utensils instead of bare hands which might lead to accidental burns. Also make sure that after adding sufficient amount of water into dish always maintain minimum level required throughout cooking process otherwise it may cause overheating & potential fire hazard due lack moisture content inside chamber.

How long does it take to boil whole uncut potato pieces in a Microwave?

The time required for boiling whole uncut potato pieces depends upon various factors like number of potatoes, size and wattage of microwave being used. Generally speaking, 8-10 minutes for one medium-sized potato will suffice.

To ensure even cooking time always try to chop your potatoes into pieces that are roughly the same size – this helps make sure everything cooks evenly. For example, if you're boiling four medium-sized spuds at once in a microwave with 1000 watts power then it can take around 15-20 minutes in total.

How does microwaved boiled potato taste?

Microwaving is a quick & easy way to cook food but sometimes it can affect the taste and texture of certain foods like boiled potatos due to loss of moisture content during heating process which might lead them becoming dry or rubbery if overcooked or not covered properly while inside chamber

The best way to avoid this problem is by using appropriate covering methods like damp paper towels or plastic wraps so that they don't dry out during cooking along with maintaining minimum required water level throughout entire process. If done correctly, microwaved boiled potato should taste just as good as traditionally cooked variety.

What are some recipes where Microwaved Boiled Potatoes come handy?

There are many different dishes where microwaved boiled potatoes can be used such as mashed potatoes, baked stuffed potatoes etc., all requiring pre-cooked spuds before further processing.

For instance you could use them for making potato salad by simply boiling whole uncut potatos until tender (around 8-10 mins), cooling down & then adding mayonnaise , chives & other toppings/tastes according personal preferences.

Another recipe idea could be using these already cooked taters for making gnocchi – prepare dough from egg yolk ,sifted flour along with mashed spuds and salt mix together till smooth consistency achieved . Cut small pieces from rolled out dough boil each piece until float on top about few seconds Then remove let cool slightly add butter/cream sauce & serve hot.

In conclusion, microwaving is a quick and easy way to boil potatoes that can save you time and effort. By following the right safety measures and using appropriate covering methods, you can get perfectly boiled potatos every time – try experimenting with different recipes to find out what works best for you!

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