Air Fryer Rice Cooking Guide: How to Cook Raw Rice Perfectly



Are you tired of cooking rice on the stove or in a rice cooker? Have you ever considered using an air fryer to cook raw rice? If not, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to make perfectly cooked fluffy rice every time.

Cooking raw rice in an air fryer may seem like an odd idea at first, but it's actually quite simple and produces excellent results. With the help of your trusty air fryer, you can get beautifully cooked and deliciously seasoned rice in no time. Plus, it's a great way to save some space if your stovetop is already crowded with other dishes.

In this article, we'll explore how easy it is to cook raw rice in an air fryer. We'll also discuss some tips and tricks that will help ensure that your final dish turns out perfect every single time. So let's dive right into this exciting new way of preparing one of our favorite foods – read on!

How to Cook Raw Rice in Air Fryer: A Complete Guide

Are you tired of using traditional methods to cook rice? Do you want to try something new and exciting that can bring a change to your kitchen routine? If yes, then air frying rice is an excellent option for you. It is not only quick and easy but also gives the taste of perfection.

Cooking raw rice in an air fryer might seem like a daunting task, especially if it's your first time. However, with the right tools and techniques, it can be done effortlessly. In this article, we will guide you through every step of cooking raw rice in an air fryer so that you can enjoy restaurant-quality food at home.

Benefits of Cooking Rice in Air Fryer

Air frying has become quite popular over the years due to its various benefits. Here are some advantages of cooking raw rice in an air fryer:

  • Healthier Option: Cooking with less oil means fewer calories without compromising on taste.
  • Saves Time: The process is quick compared to traditional methods.
  • No Need for Constant Monitoring: You don't have to worry about stirring or checking on the dish constantly.
  • Hassle-free Clean-up: An air fryer is easy-to-use and even easier-to-clean.

Comparison between Traditional Methods vs Air Frying Method

There are different ways people cook their raw rice such as boiling or steaming them. Let's compare those traditional methods with cooking raw rice using the air-fry method:

Methods Time taken Results
Boiling Rice 18 – 20 Minutes (Approximately) Soggy Texture; Overcooked Rice
Steaming Rice 30 -60 Minutes (Approximately) Sticky Texture; Unevenly Cooked
Air-Fry Method 15 minutes(Approximately) Fluffy Texture; Perfectly Cooked

As you can see, with the air-fry method, you'll get perfectly cooked rice within fifteen minutes without compromising on texture or taste.

Tips to Cook Raw Rice in Air Fryer

Here are some essential tips that will help make cooking rice in an air fryer a hassle-free experience:

  1. Rinse the Rice: Before putting the raw rice into the air fryer basket, rinse it thoroughly under cold water. This will remove excess starch and prevent clumping.
  2. Choose The Right Type of Rice: Not all types of rice cook evenly in an air fryer. Short-grain white rice works best for this method.
  3. Use The Correct Ratio: Use a 1:1 ratio of raw white short-grain or medium-grain (sushi) rice to water when cooking it in your air fryer.
    4.Avoid Overcrowding:The key here is not to overcrowd your basket by overfilling it with too much food at once as this can negatively impact how well everything cooks.

How To Cook Raw Rice In Air Fryer?

Now let's dive into how you can cook perfect raw white short grain or sushi-type grains every time using your new favorite kitchen gadget -air-fryers!


  • 1 cup uncooked short-grain white or medium-grained (sushi)rice
  • 1 cup water
  • Salt to taste(optional)


Step One:
Rinse and drain one cup of uncooked short grain/medium grained(rice). Add them into the frying basket after rinsing off any excess starch from them.

Step Two:
Add one cup of clean drinking water(ensure its filtered if possible), salt if needed, then stir lightly with a fork until everything is combined properly.

Step Three:
Set temperature at 375F degrees and time for about fifteen minutes . The rice should be cooked after this time. If not, continue cooking for another 5 minutes or until fully cooked.

Step Four:
After the time has elapsed, carefully remove your air fryer basket from the device using oven mitts to prevent burns. Stir the rice gently with a fork to fluff it up before serving.


Air-frying raw white short-grain rice is an excellent way of having perfectly cooked and fluffy grains within fifteen minutes. By following our step-by-step guide and tips above, you can enjoy delicious restaurant-quality food prepared in your home's comfort. So take out those frying baskets and let's start cooking!


What is an air fryer and how does it work?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook food. It works by circulating heated air around the food at high speed. The result is crispy, evenly cooked food with little or no oil required.

Air fryers consist of a heating element and a fan that circulates the hot air inside the cooking chamber. Some models also have additional features such as multiple cooking functions, digital controls, and preset settings for specific types of foods.

To use an air fryer to cook raw rice, you will need to follow some simple steps that we will discuss in this FAQ section.

Can I really cook raw rice in an air-fryer?

Yes! You can easily make deliciously fluffy rice using your trusty Air Fryer. An added benefit? Cooking rice in your Air Fryer requires less time than traditional methods!

Cooking raw Rice on an Air Fryer may seem impossible but it’s actually pretty easy once you know what you’re doing! With proper technique and timing guidelines; anyone can do it without any hassle!

One important factor when attempting to make perfect fried-rice-like texture is by choosing short-grain white-sushi-rice type which tends not become dry or mushy after frying compared with long grain or brown varieties.

How much water should I use when cooking raw rice in the Air Fryer?

When making plain white sushi-type uncooked/raw/unwashed Rice on your beloved machine (Airfryrer), one generally needs about 1-1/2 cups of water per cup of uncooked/raw/unwashed Rice.

The amount of Water needed depends mainly on how much Raw-Rice are being Cooked while considering other factors like desired texture/taste preference etcetera..

It's essential too add appropriate amounts since adding too much/more liquid could cause under-cooked/watery-textured Rice or unevenly cooked rice.

How long does it take to cook raw rice in an Air Fryer?

When you are cooking Raw Rice in your air fryer, the actual cooking time may vary depending on factors such as the amount of rice being cooked, the temperature settings of your air fryer and other factors like altitude and humidity.

As a general rule of thumb, expect a minimum cook time of 20 minutes (when preheated) for one cup -uncooked/raw/unwashed- Rice.

The process is fairly simple: after rinsing/soaking to remove excess starch; Place uncooked/raw/unwashed Rice with water into inner pot/basket and cover tightly using foil paper or lid provided then set-up preferred temperature/time settings possible on your machine until fully cooked.

Can I add flavors to my raw rice when cooking it in an Air Fryer?

Of course! Cooking plain white sushi-type uncooked/raw/unwashed Rice is excellent for making quick meals/side dishes but there's no reason why you can’t spice things up by adding some seasoning!

Once you’ve added water/Rice combo on inner pot/basket, consider experimenting with different spices/flavors by adding them before starting up the machine. Popular additions include Garlic paste/powder/onion flakes/pepper flakes etcetera..

If desired; You could also mix vegetables/protein into while frying/cooking like peas/corn/carrots/chicken/fish or even egg! The possibilities are endless!

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